Get Dirty. Be Clean.

 We are on a mission to encourage Big Kids to Get Dirty....and...Be Clean.


  • Passionate about you. Getting you outside to play, or inside and creative and imagine. There is so much magic in this age.


  • We are all different, which makes us all amazing in our own way.
  • Whether we have brown, blond hair (or dyed it pink), whether we are white, asian, hispanic. Whether we are autistic or special needs. We are all special and to understand each other’s differences is to create a better world. (quote from the aquarium)
  • Inclusive of all hair types, gender, races.
  • Everyone is important, everyone likes recognition, appreciation, love, encouragement.
  • Everyone matters and everyone wants to matter.


  • As the future generation, it's your responsibility to consume what you need and not waste it.
  • Which is why we designed bottles that are recyclable. Pumps that dispense what you need. Take care of the earth.
  • We are working towards becoming a fully sustainable product.

Positive messaging - The magic of you.

  • I am strong
  • I am kind
  • I am capable
  • I am loved