Our Story

“Mom, where’s my shampoo and conditioner?”

My daughter Mia asked me as she helped me unpack during our first vacation as a family of 5. 

There was baby shampoo for her 8-month-old sister, my salon shampoo for thinning hair, and her dad’s manly-scented shampoo. Where was her shampoo?

It hit me like a splash of cold salty water. She and her 8-year-old brother had outgrown the baby shampoo phase and didn’t have anything just for them. Amidst the hustle of running the ship, I’d overlooked her changing needs.

At big kid age, we hand our kids a cheap shampoo (loaded with harsh chemicals), baby shampoo (that they’ve outgrown), or (boring) adult shampoo. It isn’t just about shampoo—it’s about self-care and finding products that represent them.

As their needs change and personalities grow greater than life, they deserve a shampoo that plays as hard as they do. 

I got to work and spent two years creating a haircare brand for growing kids. The result? A magical blend of nourishing, safe ingredients that capture the essence of their childhood— Captain & Skipper. 

Let the adventure begin!

Grow With Them

Build Connection

Navigate Ship Shows

Parent Humor

Grow With Them

Build Connection

Navigate Ship Shows

Parent Humor

  • Adventurous

    Step out of your comfort zone and be curious about the world around you.

  • Self-Aware

    Develop an understanding and awareness of your feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

  • Inclusive

    Build relationships with others and develop empathy.

  • Modern

    Be open to learning, laughing, and growing together as you explore uncharted territory.

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The Captain & Skipper promise

Fun kid-approved scents that compliment their personalities

Extra foaming suds to clean the dirt only kids can find

Detangling formula for even the knottiest situations

Clean products free of 1500+ harsh ingredients

Inspiring messages on each bottle

Dye Free

Gluten free

sulfate free

Plant powered

pH balanced

Paraben Free

cruelty free

Made Love

I am kind

I am capable

I am strong

I am loved

I am kind

I am capable

I am strong

I am loved

Are you the Captain or the Skipper?

As we raise the next generation of adventurous, modern, self-aware and inclusive kids, we embark on our own parenting journey. 

Our children teach us about life and how to live it just as much as we teach them. 

Join us as we navigate the ship show of parenting, build meaningful connections, and grow with our kids.

Life happens between calmness and the storms.


There is no map for this adventure, it’s a ship show.

Drop the line. We’re here for you.